Sell the Produce, Not the Farm

With the world’s population passing 7.4 billion in 2016, our top quality agricultural land has never been more valuable. This presents Australian farmers with a great opportunity, but in some cases it’s being squandered for short-sighted thinking.

Foreign government-backed companies have begun buying up farmland around the world, and Australia’s farmland land is a prime target.


Our farmers have been feeling the squeeze for some time, be it from drought, floods, regulatory burden, unwieldly ‘environmental’ constraints, market fluctuations or financial pressures ñ and (understandably) selling the farm can be seen as a viable option.

Unfortunately, foreign companies owning vast tracts of our farmland puts our sovereignty and food security at risk.

We want to increase Government support for our farmers, and provide incentives for them to help Australia’s farmland owned locally.

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