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National Party in Disarray on Eve of Nursing Homes Bill

For some unknown reason the National Party is opposing our nursing homes bill after supporting it in the Legislative Council.

Donato to Pass Landmark Nursing Homes Bill

We need registered nurses in nursing homes, and Philip Donato will introduce a bill to make sure that happens.

Seniors deserve answers for Adam Marshall’s betrayal

The Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party has been trying to reinstate a requirement for nursing home residents to have access to a registered nurse - but National Party Minister Adam Marshall has been preparing a secret campaign to stop it.

“There Will Be Blackouts Next Summer”: SFF Blocks Green Attack on Hunter Region Power Generation

While The Greens are grandstanding for the inner-city, New South Wales faces the uncertain prospect of where we will get our electricity.

Ban by stealth: Government sets up the greyhound racing industry for failure

The New South Wales Government announced their response to the Greyhound Industry Reform Panel's report - and it's not good news for greyhound racing.

Donato stands with local surveyors and lawyers opposed to LPI sell-off

The New South Wales Government quietly rushed the sale of the land titles registry through Parliament last year, and local surveyors in the Central West aren't pleased.

Government Confirms Construction Date for Orange Hospital Car Park

Just two weeks after Philip Donato puts pressure on the Government to deliver the promised Orange Hospital car park, construction begins... but the Nationals are playing petty politics with projects.

NFA Changes Could Place Commonwealth Games at Risk

Changes flagged by the new National Firearms Agreement could affect elite pistol shooting athletes at the 2018 Commonwealth Games and Gladys Berejikliak's bid to host the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Sydney.

Yet New South Wales Police Minister Troy Grant remains silent on what he will rule-in and rule-out.

Knee-Jerk Firearms Law Changes Make it Harder for Law-Abiding Firearms Owners, But Easier for Criminals

While Police Minister Troy Grant is tight-lipped on his plans for the National Firearms Agreement in New South Wales, he must consider firearms law changes carefully. Some in the past have made it easier for criminals, such as the Ammo Bill.

Borsak to Reopen Police Bugging Inquiry

With squabbles continuing in the highest ranks of New South Wales law enforcement, Robert Borsak is seeking answers.

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