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Inexperienced And Careless Nationals Trade Off Community Water Rights

Our candidate for the Murray has been a staunch advocate for water rights in the Murray for years. She has faced off against Liberal, National and Labor party Members of Parliament over the flawed Murray Darling Basin Plan since it's inception.

Nationals Yet to Guarantee 24/7 Police in Cootamundra

The National Party's Police 're-engineering' won't guarantee 24/7 Police Stations in Cootamundra.

Government Steals Oatley Seniors Car Park to Build Substation

Robert Borsak is standing on the side of the senior citizens affected by this land-grab. Where's Gladys Berejiklian and Mark Coure?

Troy’s Tantrum Over SFF Motion

Former National Party Leader and Police Minister Troy Grant lost his temper after Philip Donato called-out the National Party's laziness.

ICAC Must be Allowed to Investigate Murray-Darling Water Theft Allegations

The Matthews Report into Murray-Darling water theft allegations was heavily redacted by the Independent Commission Against Corruption. It must be allowed to investigate these matters appropriately.

Nationals Refuse to Rule-Out Rural Police Job Cuts

The National Party and Liberal Party Government just refused to rule-out rural Police job cuts.

Donato Fires-Back on Forced Police LAC Mergers

Forced amalgamations of Local Councils didn't work, so why is it a good idea for Police?

Hodgkinson Must Apologise for Nazi By-Election Slur

On the same day that we announce our by-election candidate, a former National Party MP resorts to a Nazi slur.

Matthew Stadtmiller: A Strong Voice for Cootamundra

The National Party has taken the Cootamundra electorate for granted, and Matthew Stadtmiller is the strong, experienced voice that rural New South Wales needs.

Minister Denies Hunter Police LAC Merger

Hunter MP Michael Johnsen's claims of a merger or closure of Hunter Police LAC were denied by the Police Minister during Budget Estimates hearings on Thursday.

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