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Statement: Orange By-Election

The following is a statement from the Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party concerning the Orange by-election.

National Party flip-flops on the Native Vegetation Act

In 2014 the NSW Nationals opposed a bill written by NSW Farmers that restored farmers' rights to clear their own land.

Now as the Orange by-election looms they're petitioning their own Government on the issue because the Liberal Party won't let them change the law.

Baird's Embarrassing Rebuke Shows The Nationals Have No Influence

Deputy Premier Troy Grant's rebuke by Mike Baird yesterday just shows how ineffective The Nationals really are in Government.

Mike Baird has also been calling-on other political parties for "doing deals" with the Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party. Robert Borsak's message to the Premier is simple: "Mike Baird: your predecessor did not fare well when he stopped talking to us.  Do you really want to do the same?"

Government's Own Advice Says Adler Lever-Action Shotgun Is No Concern

The Federal Government's own advice highlights that there's no special public safety concern with the Adler A110 lever-action shotgun.

Changing the shotgun's firearm licence classification from category A to category B makes no practical sense: most firearms owners in New South Wales already have dual category A and B licences.

We Need an Inquiry into the RSPCA

Once a respected charity, the RSPCA has now become over-zealous, drunk on power, and dominated by animal liberationists.

Robert Brown's call for a public inquiry will restore common sense to policing animal cruelty.

$4.5m for St Ives Pistol Club and Peninsula Firearm Academy

The Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party has delivered $4.5 million in funding for St Ives Pistol Club and Peninsula Firearm Academy.

Peninsula Firearm Academy will construct a new 100 metre rifle range and St Ives Pistol Club will upgrade existing ranges and construct a new range adjacent to their existing site.

Greyhound Ban Not Overturned Unless the Greyhound Racing Prohibition Bill 2016 is repealed

The National Party just let slip that the greyhound racing ban won't be repealed until the first session of Parliament in 2017.

No certainty will be provided for the industry until the Greyhound Racing Prohibition Bill 2016 is repealed, and this can be easily done in the two remaining sitting weeks before the November 12 Orange by-election.

Upper House Nats Leader Fails to Rule-Out Track Closures

National Party Leader Duncan Gay has refused to rule-out the closure of the Bathurst, Coonamble, Lithgow and Mudgee greyhound racing tracks in Upper House Question Time today.

How many more will face uncertainty while the Government dithers on the details of their greyhound racing ban reversal?

"Death by over-regulation": That's Baird's greyhound plan

Mike Baird says he's reversing his greyhound racing ban, but it's just "death by over-regulation" for the industry.

Baird's backdown won't save his skin

We've been staunchly fighting Mike Baird and Troy Grant's greyhound racing ban.  Whispers that the ban may be repealed are just political window-dressing for the Orange by-election unless key issues are fixed.

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