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Leaks: Cootamundra LAC Police Concerned About Their Jobs

Even Police Officers at Cootamundra LAC are concerned about the merger, but they've been gagged because of the by-election.

Meet Our New Coolamon Shire Councillor

There's a mood for change across the Cootamundra electorate, and one Coolamon Councillor is now joining the Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party.

We’ve Always Opposed Bans on Bull Bars

The only reason anybody is talking a bull bars is because the National Party tried banning them.

Troy Grant’s Hot Air Over Gas

The Nationals are getting desperate and Troy Grant tried lying about our policy on coal seam gas.

Police Services Must Be Guaranteed

The Nationals broke promises for Young and Cowra Police Stations - now it's time for a firm guarantee for the whole electorate.

Donato: We Must Fight for Our Cops

Police Officers have been been faced with gag-orders as the Government tries hiding the real detail of Local Area Command amalgamations. Philip Donato airs some truths.

Energy Prices Breakout Costs Cowra Business $1.2 million

While the NSW Government dithers on building power stations, the energy bill at Breakout River Meats in Cowra doubling - a $1.2 million increase.

National Party Red Faced Over Red Gums

The Nationals have failed to act on the River Red Gums for six years, and opposed the Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party attempts to solve the problem.

We'll Back Inland Rail Via Narrandera. Will the Nats?

We'll back Austin Evans' idea to re-route the Brisbane to Melbourne inland rail link through Narrandera. Will the Nationals?

Nationals Failed on 24/7 Cowra Police Station Promise

How can the National Party be trusted to improve Police numbers when they can’t deliver on a promise for just one Police Station?

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