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Upper House Nats Leader Fails to Rule-Out Track Closures

National Party Leader Duncan Gay has refused to rule-out the closure of the Bathurst, Coonamble, Lithgow and Mudgee greyhound racing tracks in Upper House Question Time today.

How many more will face uncertainty while the Government dithers on the details of their greyhound racing ban reversal?

"Death by over-regulation": That's Baird's greyhound plan

Mike Baird says he's reversing his greyhound racing ban, but it's just "death by over-regulation" for the industry.

Baird's backdown won't save his skin

We've been staunchly fighting Mike Baird and Troy Grant's greyhound racing ban.  Whispers that the ban may be repealed are just political window-dressing for the Orange by-election unless key issues are fixed.

Gov't Backs Down From De-Licencing Debt Collectors Live On Air

We raised concerns about the NSW Government wanting to scrap licencing for debt collectors, and they've backed down.

Gov't Wants Debt Collectors to be Unlicenced

Debt collectors are currently licenced to protect people when they're at their most vulnerable - but not for long...

Will Criminals Really Give Up Their Guns in Amnesty?

The Federal Justice Minister proposed a national firearms amnesty, but will the criminals responsible for greater than 97 per cent of gun crime really hand-in their firearms?

Philip Donato: A Strong Voice for Orange

The Nationals have forgotten famers.

Since they've abandoned the electorate of Orange, Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party candidate Philip Donato is the strong representative that locals need.

Borsak: "Commission Kaldas"

After a litany of debacles at the very top of the NSW Police, there's only one person suited to take the helm: Nick Kaldas.

Green-Hugging Greyhound Racing Ban Prompts SFF to Target National Party Seats

Since the Nationals are pushing the Greens agenda on greyhound racing, we're offering ourselves as an electable alternative for rural voters by targeting every rural electorate at the next election.

Borsak leads protest march supporting greyhound racing

The message to the NSW Government is loud and clear: greyhound racing will not be banned without a fight.

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