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NFA Changes Could Place Commonwealth Games at Risk

Changes flagged by the new National Firearms Agreement could affect elite pistol shooting athletes at the 2018 Commonwealth Games and Gladys Berejikliak's bid to host the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Sydney.

Yet New South Wales Police Minister Troy Grant remains silent on what he will rule-in and rule-out.

Knee-Jerk Firearms Law Changes Make it Harder for Law-Abiding Firearms Owners, But Easier for Criminals

While Police Minister Troy Grant is tight-lipped on his plans for the National Firearms Agreement in New South Wales, he must consider firearms law changes carefully. Some in the past have made it easier for criminals, such as the Ammo Bill.

Borsak to Reopen Police Bugging Inquiry

With squabbles continuing in the highest ranks of New South Wales law enforcement, Robert Borsak is seeking answers.

200,000 Recreational Hunters Locked-Out by New NFA

The new National Firearms Agreement was quietly released last month. Changes flagged in it could lock out 230,000 recreational hunters in New South Wales.

Borsak Vindicated

Robert Borsak has been fighting perjury charges from 2016 relating to a successful civil proceeding that he and a business partner brought on in 2010 and 2011.

Throughout the entire process Mr Borsak maintained his innocence and those charges have now been withdrawn by the NSW Director of Public Prosecutions.

Donato’s Inaugural Speech: “The People of Orange Rioted” Against the Status Quo

Our first Lower House Member of Parliament Philip Donato delivered his inaugural speech with a message to the Government: don't forget his electorate.

Stop Running a Protection Racket for Horse Racing

The report into the greyhound racing industry is out - and the industry is still getting robbed 30 per cent of it's funding under the intercode agreement.

Berejiklian and Barilaro: Follow the Feds on Mandatory Minimums for Firearms Offences

We've been trying to tackle the real problems contributing to gun crime for 20 years, but the major parties won't follow us.

Now that mandatory minimum sentences are being considered Federally, it's time that the NSW Government supported our bill for mandatory sentencing for firearms used in crime.

While you’re listening, Gladys: Scrap the land title registry sell-off

While Premier Gladys Berejiklian is unwinding Mike Baird's unpopular policies, now is the perfect time to scrap the plan to privatise our Land Titles Registry.

Berejiklian's amalgamation plebiscite backflip

New Premier Gladys Berejiklian may actually be set to listen to communities on Council amalgamations by offering plebiscites - but this sounds a lot like our policy.

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