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Gabrielle Upton: The Grinch Who Stole Rural Christmas

With people having to pay more for their groceries this December because of a flawed container deposit scheme, Gabrielle Upton will be known as the Grinch who stole Christmas.

CRUSHED: Orange's Container Deposit Dreams

The Government's container deposit scheme will just cost country people more this Christmas because most won't be able to use it.

$2.6m of Livestock Stolen While Stock Theft Report Delayed for 14 Months

It's rural crime week in New South Wales and Robert Borsak revealed that while Police Minister “Lazy Troy” Grant sat on a landmark stock theft report for 14 months, $2.6 million of sheep and cattle were stolen.

Cootamundra Result is a Wake-Up Call for the Nationals

If Cootamundra's result was repeated, the Nationals would lose 12 seats, including John Barilaro's.

Nats’ Tell Police Porky Pies

The Nats claim they'll deliver more cops but they won't tell people the details of their Police LAC mergers.

Farmers Must Be Protected from Fake Activists

Farmers rights must be protected and we want to cut down the business model of fake activists attacking agriculture.

Borsak Refers Old Gundagai Hospital Sale to ICAC

The sale of the old Gundagai Hospital made somebody half a million dollars richer in just 12 months.

Spend the $1.5bn on Cootamundra Instead of the Powerhouse Museum Shift

Robert Borsak is sick of the New South Wales Government making a mockery of his Powerhouse Museum inquiry.


New Flag for Cootamundra LAC

Matthew Stadtmiller showed his support for the Cootamundra Police Local Area Command by presenting them with a new State flag.

Nats Must Fund $3.26m School Maintenance Backlog Before Other Promises

The city is building stadiums with a $4.5 billion budget surplus, but the Nationals have cut $3.26 million from basic maintenance in our schools.

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